Terms and Conditions

This text defines the agreement between XFreeCams and its members about the site use.
Before that, we would like you to introduce following definitions frequently used in our website. These are
Member/Subscriber: Any person of at least 18 years of age who sign up to watch sex cam shows is a member or a subscriber.
ASP: Also known as adult service provider. Any model broadcasting his/her sexual act live on webcam or chat with our customers is an adult service provider. He/She must be 18 years old to be a part of our community.
Token: A virtual currency that you need for watching sex cam shows. You will get free tokens on registration; after that you have to purchase it. The intended money is used for paying models and maintaining website.
Free Chat: An option to interact with web cam models.
Private Chat : Members can select a cam girl and talk exclusively to her
Spy Chat: Allow members to watch sex shows live, but can’t interact with them.

By registering or using xfreechatcams.com site, you give your acceptance to certain terms. These are
X Free Chat Cams is an adult entertainment site. The site has lot of erotic or pornographic content that is not suitable for minors. So, you should be at least 18 years old to visit or become a xfreechatcams.com member. Access to our site erotic content is surely your responsibility. At any point, our site won’t be held responsible for any type of erotic content.
We share pornographic content with our users from topmost cam sites. We have made sure that models working in these sites are above 18 years old. In any case, there is a problem; we won’t be hold responsible for it.

We offer Erotic Shows in following categories.
Romantic Couple Live Sex : Normal Couple performing live on web cam
Group Sex: MMF (two males, one female) or Two Females, One male (MFF).
Oral Job : Girls sucking big cock like never before
Gays : Two boys making out
Lesbian : Two girls making out
College Girls : College Girls making out
Big Boobs : Girls flaunting their boobs
Sexy Strip Shows : Sexy strip shows from our models
Hot Blondes: Hot blondes performing sexual act in various positions.
Sexy Brunettes : Brown Haired girls
Spicy Oriental: Thai, Vietnamese and girls from East Asia.
Hot Latinos : Girls from Latin America
Seductive Ebony : Black girls
Naughty School Girls : Pretty between 17 to 19 years
MILF: Mature old women looking for company.

2nd Clause: Services and Warranties
2.1 A user is free to choose content according to his liking. We keep on adding/deleting services depending on our customers liking.
2.2) We highly recommend to see our partners price list before choosing a cam.
2.3) X Free Chat Cams do not take any responsibility about author or published content in the site.
2.4) X Free Chat cams won’t be held responsible for any kind of sexual acts gone wrong while doing it in real life with your partner. The site has been developed for pure fun basis. It has no deliberate intention of hurting anyone sentiments. However, if you feel offendable in any case; we won’t be held responsible for it and we suggest to leave the xfreechatcams immediately
2.5) X Free Chat expects all models and broadcasters to comply legal rules. Models in your cams must be 18 above else we will ban the model from our site.

3rd Clause: Principles
3.1) X-Free Chat Cams is intended for adults. At no point, the site allows access to minors at all.
3.2) X Free Chat Cams do not allow minors to broadcasts their sexual acts. All models have to send their age proof before becoming a part of our network.
3.3) All Adult Service providers must adhere to these three rules.Send scan copy of Photo ID or Passport for age validation. Send their recent photos (not more than one or two months old). Signing of Agreement which claims that all information provided by ASP is genuine.
3.4) The service of ASP will be terminated immediately in case he violates any of the principles mentioned above.
3.5) Child Pornography and rape activity is strictly prohibited. At any point, if any model tries to post his/her child sensual pictures or broadcast shows violating modesty of women; he/she will be lifetime banned from our site.

4th Clause - Members
4.1) It is mandatory for subscribers to be at least 18 years old to access our site. For this; you need to send your scanned photo or passport ID while signing up.
4.2) By signing up or visiting X Free Chat Cams; you agree to pay all sorts of fees required to watch our site.
4.3) In case of any illegal activity like threatening or verbally abusing our webcam models; we have full right to terminate your membership. In such a case; X Free Chat Cams will not refund your token money at all.
4.4) In case of any fraud transactions; we can ask scanned copy of your Photo ID Card or and payment method used.
4.5) The present agreement becomes valid once you agree to all our terms and conditions.

5Th Clause – Fees
5.1) All fees and prices are established and controlled by our partners and we are not responsible for any errors occured.
5.2) we provide free adult chat facility with our cam models; but if you want exclusivity; you can opt for paid chat session or private chat. You need to click on Private Chat to access our model. You can chat with our girl till your quota is fulfilled.
5.3) You can also opt for Voyeur/Spy Chat mode too. However, you won’t be able to chat with any model involved in this act.
5.4) You have full right to exit from any chat group (free or paid) anytime you want.

6th Clause – Refund Policy
6.1) Our partners have the rights to refuse some refund in certain situations. They are fully responsible for money or tokens processing and you should contact them for every legal problem.
6.2) X Free Chat Cams will not be held responsible for any argument, disruptive service, communication line failure, theft, or any other problem. By signing up with this agreement; you can’t take legal action on us or our broadcasters at all.
6.3) Cases with fraudulent transactions are handled with high priority by our partners.

7th Clause -> Member and Visitor Declaration
As a genuine member; you have to declare following things
7.1) I am fully aware that X Free Chat Cams is a sex oriented site. I am accessing the site on my own terms.
7.2) I declare that I am 18 or more than 18 years old and have rights to access this site. I am aware of this fact that the site content is not suitable for children.
7.3) I declare that I have reached necessary adult age on this date and have full right to access this site content.
7.4) I declare that all information while signing up are completely genuine.
7.5) I declare that I am fully responsible for filling any wrong information while signing up. In any case; a problem arise due to my faulty information, X Free Chat cams has the full right to ban me completely from the site.
7.6) I declare that I will use this site for fun purpose and not for any commercial one such as asking models to work specifically for me; selling nude pictures to other adult entertainers.
7.7) I declare to not use any images, logos and website text for commercial purposes. I am aware that X Free Chat Cams and partners have full copyright over its images, text logo etc. If ever I am found to be using any of these; company has full right to take legal action against me.
7.8) I declare that I won’t hold X-Free Chat cams responsible for any communication failure between webcam model and me.
7.9) I authorize X Free Chat cams to record, log all my online activities (including chat, video or email).
7.10) I declare to not use obscene and abusive language towards my model. In case, I am found; the company has full right to cancel my membership.
7.11) I declare to use this site only for watching live sex shows not as a dating option.

8th Clause -> Model Declaration
8.1) I declare that I am legally adult (more than 18 years old) and working as sex model on my own terms.
8.2) I declare that all information that I have sent to X-Free Chat cams are completely genuine. In any case, there is a problem due to my wrong personal details; the site has full right to take legal action against me.
8.3) I declare that I am completely healthy and do not carry any preconceived diseases while signing up with X Free Chat Cams and partners.
8.4) I declare to use my own body and not someone else while broadcasting erotic material. If I am found to do so; the company has full right to take legal action against me.
8.5) I declare not to broadcast child porn content at all. As a model, I would do my best to keep minors away from the site.
8.6) I declare not to broadcast any content that encourages people to be violent towards women.
8.7) I declare not to use any image or video for commercial purposes at all.
8.8) I take full responsibility to maintain my account security and not to use my account details with anyone.
8.9) I declare not to work as an escort while chatting with a customer. I intend to use it only to entertain client, not to make a personal contact with him.
8.10) I will not use any obscene, abusive language towards my customer. In any case, a customer tries to cross his limit; I will immediately report it to X Free Chat Cams and partners.

9th Clause Account Cancellation
X Free Chat cams has full right to take legal action or cancel my membership in case I am found of breach of agreement as mentioned above.